Eva's Salad Bar
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Review by John Rabbit

Eva's Salad Bar has been a neighborhood fixture for over 15 years. Everyone who is anyone comes frequently to this exquisite little dining spot to see and be seen while nibbling on a favorite bit of greenery. Tasty tulips, tropical delicacies, rare, imported flowers and fruits, no matter what you're craving, you'll find it at Eva's.

As the name implies, the food is displayed in salad bar style; guests are free to wander about the culinary treasures, sampling the delights until they find the delicacy that pleases their palate. Tuxedo-clad wait-staff hover unobtrusively, ready to fulfill any wish the guest may have.

Eva's Salad Bar

        Food : 10.0        
Ambiance:    9.5
    Service:     9.5