Happy Haircut
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Happy got a haircut on Friday under heavy sedation.

He probably won't find out until Saturday.


He was getting knots & felt lumps faster than we could comb or cut them out, and he acted
like it hurt to cut or groom them, so Eva talked to the Vet and this was the result.



Nobody at the Vet's office was wearing bandages when I picked him up, but they did say
it took a good dose of drugs to slow him down. 



His room-mate, Leo went to the Vet at the same time for a check-up and so they would both
smell like Vet's office and not have a fight. Eva thinks of everything.


When Happy got home, he sort of walked around like someone in shock. Either he's
trying to figure out what happened to his fur, or he's coming out of the drugs.


Leo tried to give him some moral support.


They let him keep his tail, that's good - he's really proud of that long swishy tail.
Also he has 4 little booties or socks.


Now, THAT is a haircut, recruit!
High and Tight.