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The Day Phoebe Got Into The Helium

There she was - inflated like a balloon and stuck to the ceiling.


She was up there for hours.


Drifting around with the breeze from the air conditioner.


It was really weird to walk into a room and look up and see Phoebe.


Just drifting along...


We had to turn off all the ceiling fans after a near miss.


Phoebe started to get grumpy after a couple of hours on the ceiling.



Her sister, Chloe,  was totally freaked-out by the experience.


Leo wanted to levitate too, but he didn't know about the helium part.


Happy climbed up to see if he could bite Phoebe as she drifted by.


Annabelle figured it was just a typical day around our house, and settled down for her nap.