Home Up



Eva's Christmas present was a new bathroom. Here's the progress, starting on 17 January 2008...




The old, out-of-style, ugly looking bathroom.




Goodbye to the shower and the tub.




I thought I'd have an excuse for not taking baths for a while but I forgot about the guest bath down the hall.




The support for the new tub and the wall between tub and shower, built by a skilled carpenter.





After the tub is in, new granite counters are coming, then all new tile work in shower and around tub.





One more look at the skilled carpentry and MS Chloe.




I'll be glad to get back my parking space in the garage.




The tub is in! But Home Depot forgot to order the valve part of the faucets, so we don't have faucets on yet.



Catscan of the shower area. Rugs under the tub are to keep the cats out of the holes to the rafters between floors.



The plumbers left this plastic and some cardboard to protect the tub when the granite counters are put in today, 01/23/08. The plumbers will be back to hook up the sink faucets and the bath faucet when the bath faucet valve assembly arrives.




Granite counters and sinks basins lavatories. You learn a lot hanging around plumbers.




Another view. the granite is beautiful.



I hope it's just the light that makes my lav look this color...



While Eva's and the tub over by the window look this color. If you look at prior pictures showing the overall bathroom the two lavs are the same color, so don't get upset yet, Eva.



The bathtub faucet and plumbing is finally installed 01/29/08.




The copper is the water supply the blue hoses are the whirlpool stuff.




The sink faucets also went in today. Also the commode came out, but who wants to see a hole in the floor?




Sink faucet close up. I didn't notice the sticker until I posted the picture.





Bathtub faucet. I once bought a car for less than this beauty cost.






Shower pan leak test. They stuck an inflatable ball down the drain, pumped it up to seal the drain, added water to a line overnight, verified that it was still at the line the next day and pronounced it leak-proof.




The shower plumbing. The valve is behind the protective plastic cover. The pipes are right back against the wall so you can see the scorch marks where they sweat soldered the joints. The horizontal piece of wood was my idea and my contribution to the effort to keep the valve secure in the position where it needed to be back against the wall which was deeper than where the former shower valve had been set.



The tile setters had a busy day on Tuesday 02/05/08 - they put up all the "Hardiboard" concrete backing for the tile and put up this part of the tile.




I think it's really going to look good when they're done.



Notice the wall between the shower and the tub. They even provided an inset shelf for Eva to stash her shampoo bottles and conditioners and potions and lotions.



And for future plumbers, just in case, the square below the faucet with the star on it and the square near the broom with the design on it are held on with magnets rather than nails. After they're tiled, it'll just be a matter of cutting the grout to remove the panel to get at the faucets or to get at the water shut offs (near the broom). The motor and the heater are further to the right and are reachable through a panel that the carpenters cut in the side of the sink cabinet.



Happy really, really wants to get in the bathroom to investigate what's been going on in there and to get some of that dust all over his long fur.




Happy knows that door knobs have something to do with opening doors, but evolution and the opposable thumb deal limit his abilities but not his ambition. When he sets his mind to get through a door he'll keep this up until he drives you crazy. Meanwhile, the claws on his back feet have scratched several doors so that they need repair and repainting. We love the little hoodlum, but...




Meanwhile, Leo prefers the low road. See that space under the door...



I'm just going to slide under there and get into the bathroom.





Wednesday's progress - the backsplash behind the counters...





The backsplash behind the tub, the deck around the tub, most of the wall between the shower and tub, most of the face of the tub. One gliche we had not planned on is that the thickness of the backerboard and tile prevents the left door of Eva's cabinet from opening. That's why we took it off its hinges. I'll have to find some fancy offset hinges that will let it open in the limited available space.




The tile work is finally just about finished.



Our mirrors will be put back up when the glass shower enclosure is installed in 2 - 3 weeks. Until then, I am shaving by feel.




The black substance on the shower floor is drying cement. Below that is a thick waterproof rubber showerpan over the wood floor and someday on top of the cement will go the tile that Home Depot lost or received in broken condition and neglected to re-order (depending on who you ask).




You may have noticed rugs and towels stuffed under the tub in various previous pictures. These were to keep cats out of the rafters between the first and second floor. You can see a bottle of shampoo in Eva's cabinet (above) which is supplementing some velcro to hold some paneling over an access hole in the side of the cabinet. The door is off the cabinet until we can get some special hinges which will allow the door to open in the limited space available now that the tile on the tub is crowding it. This morning we could not find Mr. Happy for breakfast, and finally determined that he had defeated the shampoo bottle and velcro and was waltzing around down in the rafters, doing whatever cats do when they get into a new place to explore. We finally got him out by shaking some treat bags and cajoling him with some names he had never heard himself called before.



After his adventure between the rafters, Mr. Happy did not look quite as black and white as this, he looked more brown and gray. He cleaned himself up a little during the day on Friday, but apparently was not completely satisfied with the cleaning job, because Saturday night he slipped or jumped into the bathtub while it was full of water and Bob. Neither Happy nor Bob received any permanent damage, and both look and smell much better now.





Friday 02/08 at 9:00 a.m. the new commode was installed by Frymire services. Bob and the plumber managed to get this heavy thing up the stairs from the garage to the bathroom. Frymire sent one plumber since they understood that all he was doing was re-installing a commode. They didn't know that he needed to haul a fancy one-piece throne upstairs too. Coincidently the plumber's name was Justin, and he did a good job.

At exactly 12 Noon local standard time, Plano Bath and Glass arrived to measure the shower area for the eventual installation of a Plano Plain Old glass shower stall.




Friday, 02/15/08, just about 30 days after the start of the project, the tile for the shower floor arrived and the tilers put it in. This completes the tile work. I told the tile installer that his work was being admired all over the country on our web site, and he admitted that he thought it was a pretty good job too, and had taken some photos for his portfolio.



The drain is off-center because the larger tub took a few inches more on the right than the old tub, but to compensate, the curb was moved out a bit (toward the camera) so instead of a rectangle, we now have a square shower.



The new theme for the room is brushed nickel to match the faucets. Eva installed the electrical switch plates. Bob installed the door knobs and the towel dryer. Nothing like "Sweat Equity" to help defray the costs of an expensive project like this. (Maybe the next project will involve something I know how to do.) One benefit of this job has been that several of the craftsmen have been Latin-American and I have picked up some useful phrases like "Mucho Dinero!"



And finally finished on 02/29/08 when the glass shower enclosure was installed.



"I wonder what they're going to do next."