Cat Bath 2011
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* No cats were harmed during the production of this page. Bob was treated and released from the hospital.


Cat Bath 2011 - A Retrospective


We used to have 'Hand Wash Only' Cats. A dangerous and messy process.



We tried a 'Machine Wash Gentle' Permanent Press Cat. Still Dangerous.



These days, we only get 'Self Cleaning' Cats. You have to get them in pairs, obviously.



Some cats don't pair, they are borderline psychopaths who think other cats and people are chew toys.



The 'Self Cleaning" Cats seem to be the best solution so far...



Except that they don't smell like 'Irish Spring' or kitty shampoo, they all smell like Cat Spit.



So, remember to always get your kitties in pairs, but avoid the black and white ones.