Cat Training 01
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Background: Annabelle and Penelope are ready to begin their training to become cats. Normally, this training would be done by mentoring or OJT by an older cat. The problem is that Squeaky has so much seniority that the union says she doesn't have to do the training, and Tigger has Feline Anxiety Disorder (She's a scaredy cat). Tigger is convinced that the new kittens are gremlins or space aliens that are out to get her. Until just the other day she thought Squeaky had been abducted and replaced by a strange creature who was going to get her, but that's another story.

Due to the lack of senior training cats, Bob got stuck with the job. This is not as unusual as it may sound; he has actually had related experience. One of Bob's responsibilities in the Air Force was air crew training, so he has spent many hours with high-spirited, uncooperative, young animals.


Lesson one was how to find a nice, warm, nap spot.


Unfortunately, the sunbeam was near Squeaky's food. "Annabelley" spotted it.


Penelope had time for a bath and pedicure while Annabelle ate every bit of food.


By this time, Penelope figured it was her private hammock.


During the altercation, penelope fell out.


And jumped back in to attack the dirty sneak who pushed her out.


The sparring continued for about ten minutes.


Eventually I convinced them that the hammock would hold two kitties.


And they rested up for their next lesson.