Cat Wisdom
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Things that the cats have taught me:



An actual useful hint contributed by MS Phoebe:

If the type font on a computer page is too small
to read comfortably, plop your body (or your thumb)
on the Ctrl key and roll the mouse wheel.


Another trick she taught me: when you're reading
a long webpage, instead of using the scroll-bar to
page down, just press your paw on the space bar.


She's also done a couple of other tricks on the
keyboard, but she was a little too quick for me
to figure out what she did and how. Stay tuned
for more computer tips from MS Phoebe.





Never pass up a chance to take a nap.



A true expert can nap any time, any place.



Laugh at stupid jokes told by the person who signs your paycheck or fills your dinner bowl.




If you make a mess, cover it up before anyone notices.




They're not laughing AT you, they're laughing WITH you.



Be curious. Visit new places and learn things.



Drink lots of fresh water.



Love your family.