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Note: a few years ago I published a page on this website with photos of the Great North Texas Blizzard, which paralyzed the region for days. My intent was to share this newsworthy event with  friends and family. However, some of my tact-challenged relatives from Massachusetts (where they have only two seasons, Winter and August) ridiculed our inch of snow.

The following page showing the Great North Texas Cotton Crop of 2004 is dedicated to my frozen relatives. (Send me an email when the electricity thaws out.)



North Texas cotton growers enjoyed a bumper crop this year.



Both the regular and light varieties were plentiful.



2004 was also a great year for juniper cotton, which is distilled to produce cotton gin.



Everything is bigger and better in Texas, including cotton bushes.



Texas children are pleased to see the millions of cotton berries.



The juice of these berries is spun into cotton candy.



Almost everyone was thrilled by the cotton crop of 2004.