Five Cat Photo
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Eva suggested that I take a "Family Portrait" photo of all five cats together.

I thought that sounded like a fine idea and decided to pose them on the new futon.


Several of them suggested that they pose under rather than on the futon.


When I did not agree, they staged a walkout.


Happy told me early on that they didn't do group portraits, no way.


At this point they got rowdy and started trashing the furniture.


Penelope took cover under the futon.


Chloe discovered that she had a tail.


I promised some fish to Annabelle, the head kitty, if she would help restore order.


She stopped Happy from leaving the photo session,


and told him what would happen if he didn't follow her orders.


She gave him a "timeout" in the corner while she rounded up the others.


She found Chloe chewing on the stool that she had tackled.


Meanwhile, Happy, who can't tell time, ended his 5 minute timeout early.


Penelope had fallen asleep under the futon...


but woke up to see what was going to happen next.


They played their favorite game, "cat and mouse" while I tried to focus on them.


Now Chloe had the Futon


and Penelope had the dead stool.


Phoebe joined Chloe. Two in place, three to go.


Happy wanted to pose solo...


He prefers right profile shots.


Phoebe ran off her sister so now I had only one on the futon.


Happy jumped Phoebe, so now I had two, with a lot of noise and movement.


Fortunately, they wore themselves out wrestling


and decided to take a short rest.


Annabelle and I were still trying to get everyone into one photo.


And there it is: look quickly, all five cats are in this photo.


Oops, you missed it.


There we go, all five cats again. Please excuse Happy for licking his butt.


Phoebe decided that Happy needed some help.


But when she saw what he was doing, she got a little nausea.


Next we had some more furniture tipping


and then another shot of all five cats.


then Penelope decided that she had had enough photos for the day.


The door was closed so she crawled behind the futon and refused to come out.


Annabelle really wanted the promised fish and came to get Penelope out.




Penelope wouldn't respond to Annabelle's request.


Even pleading didn't help.




Annabelle asked for assistance.


Chloe came to help


Happy was busy stuffing Phoebe's tail under a cabinet.


Annabelle offered to share her fish bribe with anyone who helped get Penelope out.


So everyone decided to help.


They tried offering favorite toys.


They tried persuasion.


Annabelle tried begging.


Nothing worked. Penelope stayed behind the futon.



Annabelle finally gave up.


Chloe and Phoebe forgot what they were doing and took a nap.


Moral of this story: You may be able to outwit any one cat, but five cats are not a simple five times more devious than one. The odds against outwitting five cats at the same time approaches infinity.